Could dental hygienists and therapists be the key to easing the backlog?

23 February 2024

In the news this week… it has been suggested that dentists are blocking dental hygienists and therapists from offering basic care, and therefore hindering attempts to ease the backlog. And up to 5,300 new jobs and  £1.4Bn could be generated by floating wind farms off the coast of south Wales and southwest England. If you would like the headlines sent straight to your inbox, send us an email.



Dentists under fire for hindering attempts to ease nightmarish backlog of NHS dental appointments by blocking trained support staff from offering basic care

Research on using oral bacteria transplant to prevent tooth decay 

Ice Chewing Is a Popular Habit, but Dentists Say It’s Destructive to Your Oral Health

Impressions from the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting 2024

Gargling with antiseptic mouthwash may help reduce ‘bad’ bacteria in diabetes patients: Study

BDA: Advice following measles outbreak

The truth about Taylor’s teeth: Celebrity dentist to the stars reveals the work Swift has had done to get her trademark smile

‘They look fake’ — Miley Cyrus’s veneers, that is. Welcome to the celebrity teeth obsession

This Is What a 37-Year-Old Face Without Filters or Makeup Actually Looks Like

Renewable energy

Vietnam aims to produce 100,000-500,000 MT tons of hydrogen a year by 2030

Revolutionizing the Grid: How The Green Transmission Company Plans to Power the Future with Renewable Energy

Malaysia’s largest green hydrogen project to begin construction this year after closing $400m in finance

CIP’s journey through offshore wind turbulence

Ørsted signs collaboration MoU for South Korea wind sector development

Celtic Sea floating wind ‘could power 5,000 new jobs and provide £1.4Bn boost’

US Offshore Wind Industry Comes Roaring Back, Part Infinity

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