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The challenges and innovations of dentistry today

24th May 2019

From nation-wide concerns to inspirational stories of individuals going above and beyond, here’s a round-up of…

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Innovation, morale and reducing risks

18th May 2019

Here’s a round-up of this week’s news headlines. For the full list straight to your inbox,…

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Remembering the great and pushing boundaries

10th May 2019

Here are some highlights of dental-related topics in the national and professional media this week. For…

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Dental care for vulnerable patients

3rd May 2019

Here’s this week’s round-up of the latest dental and healthcare news, including current trends in the…

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It’s all protection this week

26th April 2019

Protection for dental professionals against litigation and protection for patients against dental disease are key topics…

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Lack of time, dancing dentists and heros recognised

15th April 2019

Here’s a round-up of some of the key dental and healthcare headlines that hit the national…

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Dental Caries Report Highlights The Competitive Scenario With Impact Of Drivers And Challenges 2026

12th April 2019

On the basis of region, the global dental caries market is segmented into North America, Latin…

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Networks ‘should include’ pharmacies, optometrists and dental providers

10th April 2019

Primary care networks should include community pharmacies, optometrists and dental providers, according to new NHS contract…

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To avoid ‘traumatic’ extractions, government set to expand dental care for kids under 6

10th April 2019

THE GOVERNMENT IS to expand dental care for Irish children under the age of six in a…

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England now lagging behind rest of UK nations on spending as charge hikes conceal cuts

9th April 2019

As NHS dental charges in England rose yesterday by an inflation busting five per cent, the British…

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