What are the dental effects of ozempic?

14 June 2024

In the news this week… the “miracle” weight loss drug, ozempic, and its possible dental effects, and a UK national geothermal centre has been launched. For all the latest headlines sent straight to your inbox, join our mailing list by emailing us today!



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Starmer says he sees private dentist after insisting he ‘doesn’t use private health’

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Ozempic: The “miracle” weight loss drug and its possible dental effects

Labour to ban sale of energy drinks to teens and offer extra dentist appointments

Report reveals growing respect among population regarding oral-systemic link

Health minister proposed £10-a-month NHS dentist insurance scheme

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Kardashian-Endorsed Teeth Whitening Company Accused of False Ads

Drugs smugglers jailed after plotting to ship £5m of cocaine to UK disguised as Boots Botox cream

Renewable energy

UK National Geothermal Centre launches

Supporting renewable investments in Romania

Scottish Renewables calls for solar funding to be reinstated

Is the World on Track to Triple Renewable Energy Capacity by 2030?

Wind, waves, and tides: Ocean-based renewable energy center to open in New Bedford

World faces ‘staggering’ excess of oil by end of decade, warns IEA

Discovery Green’s renewables service on track as new insights sprout

‘UK’s most productive’ onshore wind farm generates first power

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