The risk of dental treatment abroad or an unlucky accident?

9 October 2020

Here are this week’s headlines. As always, let us know at if you’d like the full list emailed to you directly.


Pictured: British man who died after travelling to Turkey for teeth whitening treatment with two friends who are critically ill – Read it here

Malfunctioning Dental School Robot Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See Today – Read it here

Even dentist visits go remote during the COVID-19 pandemic – Read it here

TOTALLY DENTAL – Dangerous dentist ‘hacks’ are flooding TikTok as influencers grind down teeth with nail files & use BLEACH for whitening – Read it here

This Dentist Went Viral After Demonstrating How Much Toothpaste You Actually Need When Brushing – Read it here

£1m coastal period property that comes with a dentist surgery in the garden – Read it here

Bad Breath and Canker Sores — Here’s How Hormones Can Impact Your Oral Health – Read it here

How Vitamin D influences your dental health – Read it here

Survey shows UK periodontists feel let down by government and regulators during pandemic – Read it here

Eddie Van Halen Thought His Tongue Cancer Was Caused From Putting Guitar Picks in His Mouth – Read it here

‘Rapid evolution’ means humans now being born without wisdom teeth – Read it here

Northern Ireland: Making the case for dentistry – Read it here

Update: reduced fallow time – Read it here

The anti-ageing alternative to Botox that Americans are crossing continents to try out – Read it here

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