Slow progress

18 September 2020

Here’s some of the national headlines that may be of interest to you this week. For the full list sent direct to you, email us at



Dentist who extracted a patient’s tooth on a hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in jail – Read it here

MSP raises inequality concerns as some dental services only available privately – Read it here


Stress from COVID-19 leading to more dental issues – Read it here

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Set to Register healthy CAGR During 2019-2026 – Read it here

Snorers could face up to THREE TIMES the risk of dying of Covid-19, study claims – Read it here

Dental inequality: what is it and why does it exist? – Read it here

Dentists warn tooth extraction surgery backlog is a ‘national scandal’ – Read it here

Coronavirus: Dentists ‘firefighting’ to deal with backlog – Read it here

Stalking: Dentist not told of ‘murder kit’ stalker’s release – Read it here

Can Gum Disease Worsen COVID-19? Emerging Theories on Periodontal Inflammation – Read it here

Dentists: Failure to extend flu jabs scheme risks deepening crisis on access – Read it here


TikTok users are reshaping teeth with nail files, to dentists’ horror – Read it here

TOXIC TIPPLE – Some energy drinks contain harmful levels of BLEACH, study warns – Read it here

Botox for TMJ Disorders May Not Lead to Bone Loss in the Short Term, But More Research is Needed on Higher Dose, Long-Term Use – Read it here

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