COVID booster, competition and geothermal power

2 July 2021

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Dentists can play a key role in administering potential Covid-19 booster shots – Read it here

There is so much competition for patient’s money, is this the right time to expand? – Read it here

Meet the New York City dentist influencers and models are flocking to – Read it here

Botox no longer for just the old and wrinkled – Read it here

Zoom Boom creates a 150% surge in cosmetic nips and tucks – Read it here

Will UK mining drive a green revolution? – Read it here

Full steam ahead: Cornwall becomes the first place in the UK to produce geothermal power – Read it here

Renewable energy ‘largely spared from pandemic effects’ – Read it here

Soil analysis puts brakes on offshore Dutch wind farm – Read it here

Agenda: is wind energy really sustainable? – Read it here

Belgium to sue France after getting in the way of its massive post-Brexit project with the UK – Read it here

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