Child dentures, NHS recruitment and increasing wind targets

20 May 2022

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Why British children could soon be wearing dentures

Newcastle striker Callum Wilson shows off fixed tooth after it was left hanging by thread from whack in face

Leeds museum’s dental detectives find huge hippo’s missing tooth 

NHS holds huge recruitment drive with on-the-day job offers 

Hepatitis symptoms in children: Signs to be aware of after sudden rise of cases in the UK 

The best water flossers to jet-wash your gnashers

Monkeypox: CDC expresses ‘concern’ over UK outbreak – symptoms to spot 

What to Know About Multiple Sclerosis and Dental Extractions

Introducing Dental Nanobots: For Better Treatment Of Teeth

Nine out of ten NHS dental practices in England closed to new routine patients

BDA: Celebrating the world of dentistry

Dentist reveals the shocking list of foods to avoid if you want a healthy smile – and the VERY unlikely drink staining your teeth just as much as red wine

8 Situations When Botox and Fillers Are a Good Option


Renewable energy

Europe admits it’ll have to burn more coal as it tries to wean itself off Russian energy

Renewable mining: can mining clean up its carbon footprint?

Ports need more space to support offshore ambition’

UK RSK Group buys Welsh wind turbine maintenance co Windtechs

Increased Offshore Wind Targets to Fuel REPowerEU Green Hydrogen Ambitions

GE unveils next-generation 3MW onshore wind turbine

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