Young people leading the way…

4 June 2021

Finally some good press for the young people of today, as well as a positive outlook for renewables… Get the full list emailed straight yo you by joining the list – let us know at



Young people lead the way in oral health during lockdown – Read it here

Lozenges may help restore lost tooth enamel, trial begins – Read it here

What is the new dry craze on TikTok and is it safe? – Read it here

Dental tourists flock to Ukraine to fix their teeth at affordable prices – Read it here

Demand for veneers in Huddersfield soar in wake of lockdown – Read it here

Albania’s first floating solar plant starts commercial operations – Read it here

Renewable energy 11.4% of fuel in road transport in 2020 – Read it here

FoundOcean secures major offshore wind contract in Taiwan – Read it here

High Norway prices may spur offshore wind boom – analyst – Read it here

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