Would you volunteer to test a vaccine?

14 April 2022

The latest news round up for your bank holiday weekend – enjoy the sun!


Antineoplastic agents and their oral adverse effect

Evaluation of dental caries detection with quantitative light-induced fluorescence in comparison to different field of view devices

Most Common Child Dental Problems and Their Safest Solutions

Lords demand dentists have voice on dental age checks

Would YOU volunteer to test a vaccine for deadly Ebola? Dental nurse was the first in the world to have it — just one of a growing number of guinea pigs inspired by Britain’s Covid jab triumph

Grand National champ Sam Waley-Cohen is dental practice owner who got Will & Kate back together

‘The gates of hell’ Dawn French fans wish her luck ahead of harrowing dental procedure

Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms in your mouth that could suggest high blood sugar

A white patch on the tongue

Opportunity to join the GDC as an education associate

Botox is Madonna and Nicole Kidman’s go-to facial procedure – everything you need to know about it, plus dermal fillers, skin boosters and vampire facials


Renewable Energy

Ireland offers €20m for energy research and innovation projects

Amidst the carnage of war, Ukraine reaffirms commitment to renewables

‘Blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas and coal, say researchers

First Hydrogen to develop UK green hydrogen projects

Greece’s Ellaktor targets 1.2 GW of renewables by 2025 – report

Cardiff joins offshore renewable energy project

Crown Estate Scotland confirms finalisation of seabed agreements with projects now able to move to next stage

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