When shouldn’t you brush your teeth? And renewable advice for the next UK government

5 January 2024

Here’s a snapshot of the headlines this week across dentistry, healthcare, and renewable energy. Contact us today to receive the news straight to your inbox!



Five dental myths debunked

Dentist names three times you should never brush your teeth as it can destroy enamel

Dentists warn of NHS appointment crisis amid funding U-turn

Millions of UK households to lose free prescriptions and dental care ‘if they refuse’

This Beloved Beverage Has Gone Viral — But You Might Want To Think Twice Before Drinking It

Why tending your oral microbiome is the secret to a long, healthy life

Gen Z is aging worse than millennials — here are the alarming reasons why

HAIR IT IS! – Kim Kardashian fans spot her secret ‘mustache’ caused by ‘too much filler’ in candid video with North at home

Whew! Social Platform X Is In Shambles Over Viral Video Of Woman’s New Veneers

Renewable energy

Greece Turns to Wind, Sun Projects to Increase Renewable Energy Sources

Next UK government urged to reverse energy transition ‘drift’

Nearly 23% of EU energy sourced from renewables

Crackdown on ‘phantom’ net zero energy projects fails

US New ​‘clean’ hydrogen rules will favor some regions more than others

Low-Carbon Electricity: Becoming a World Leader

Berlin gives go-ahead for Ostwind 3, DolWin4

Equinor and bp terminate offshore wind power contract with New York

Data centre group strikes Texas wind deal

Exclusive: Why concrete is ‘the only way’ for European floating wind right now

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