What’s the risk of COVID for dental professionals?

26 February 2021

Some interesting headlines from the past week for you today – as always, let us know at admin@ekcommunications.net if you’d like to join the mailing list for the full list of links.


Very Low COVID Infection Rate Among Dental Hygienists: Study – Read it here

New findings into nanobubbles could improve dental and other health treatments – Read it here

The Simple Habit of Flossing Reduces Your Risk Of COVID-19 Complications, Says New Study – Read it here

No pay rise for NHS workers in next week’s Budget – Read it here

Killer smile: Link between mouth microbes and systemic disease – Read it here

FGDP(UK) endorses removal of wrong-site tooth extraction from Never Events list – Read it here

An update from Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England – Read it here

‘The gap will be gone!’ Scarlett Moffatt reveals she’s finally heading to the dentist for new veneers after her old ones ‘started to move’ – Read it here

Composite bonding 101: everything you need to know about the smile treatment everyone’s talking about – Read it here

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