What are the consequences of the European ruling on amalgam?

19 January 2024

In the news this week… A new European ruling on silver dental fillings threatens the future of NHS dentistry in Northern Ireland, and Portugal has reached a new wind energy production record. Contact us today to receive the news straight to your inbox!



Irish Sea ‘teeth border’ emerges after EU ban on fillings

Ancient ‘chewing gum’ reveals poor Stone Age dental health

The Role of Innovation in Dubai’s Leading Dental Clinics

European ban on silver fillings ‘could be straw that breaks NHS dentistry back’

Sir Keir Starmer: Labour will end NHS “dental deserts”

GDC: Total number of registered UK dentists increases following recent renewal

Kanye West flashes his shock new $850K titanium dentures while out with wife Bianca Censori and Chris Rock… after getting teeth REMOVED in Bond villain makeover

Nicole Kidman’s teeth transformation in before-and-after photos – what has she had done?

Call for schools to help in fight against underage botox

People in their 20s are spending big on anti-aging procedures, report says

Renewable energy

Harnessing The Sun’s Power Above The Waves: A Deep Dive Into Technical Considerations In Designing And Implementing Floating Solar Farms

Puma acquires stake in renewables developer MBHE

Nautilus Solar Energy Acquires 75.6MW Community Solar Portfolio in Illinois

Bitcoin Mining Achieves New ATH With 54% Renewable Energy Usage

A deep dive into joined-up offshore energy in the North Sea

Portugal reached a new wind energy production record

World’s first floating offshore wind farm to be taken offline for up to 4 months

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