Viral trends, vampire facials and blue hydrogen – a diverse week int he news

7 August 2021

A weird and wonderful mix of topics hit the national headlines this week – see below for some of the highlights. To get all the links sent straight to your inbox, email us!



Extra places on medical and dentistry courses for 2021 – Read it here

Parents, kids warned against viral ‘dental hacks’ on TikTok – Read it here

Mouth doesn’t lie: a peep into nation’s mouth reveal shocking truth – Read it here

What exactly is a vampire facial? – Read it here

Renewable energy

Blue hydrogen: a stepping stone to decarbonisation – Read it here

UK energy price hike: gas and electricity bills set to soar for 15 million households – Read it here

Electronic vehicles: Biden sets 2030 goal, BMW trebles sales, Tasmania throws support – and Jeremy Clarkson warns – Read it here

Offshore wind farm noise raises concerns about marine life – Read it here

Orsted completes 367MW wind farm project in Texas – Read it here

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