Time to get behind NHS dentistry?

28 May 2021

Here are this week’s headlines – as always, let us know at admin@ekcommunications.net if you’d like everything sent straight to you.


Britain needs a National Dental Service – Read it here

Anger as more dentists leave NHS to go private due to strain caused by Covid restrictions – Read it here

‘Online teeth whitening gels left me in pain’ – Read it here

Viewers divided over Matthew Perry’s face in Friends Reunion – Read it here

Should celebrities like Kelly Osbourne be expected to talk about their ‘tweakments’? – Read it here

Why young people are using preventive Botox, and what they need to know – Read it here

Renewables rising stars recognised at Young Professionals Green Energy awards – Read it here

Batteries used in hearing aids could be key to the future of renewable energy – Read it here

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