There are many different types of side effects from COVID-19

11 September 2020

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The weird side effect of COVID-19 dentists are seeing all the time now – Read it here

Universal Credit claimants could get free prescriptions and dental treatment – see if you qualify – Read it here

NHS says Portsmouth dental contracts will be awarded in next few months as data shows number of dentists in city has dropped by third – Read it here

Woman outraged after dentist adds £60 to her bill to cover PPE costs – Read it here

Why offering dental benefits matters even more during a pandemic – Read it here

4 Benefits of Investing in Dental Implants – Read it here

The perils of insulin resistance – Read it here

Must-read SEO advice for orthodontists and dentists – Read it here

Leading dentists warn ‘extremely harmful’ TikTok beauty trend could cause teeth to fall out – Read it here

Teeth whitening boom fuelled by people looking in mirror more during lockdown, dentists reveal – Read it here

Increase in requests for aesthetic doctors to dissolve ‘obvious-looking’ treatments post-lockdown – Read it here

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