The good, the bad and the optimistic

30 April 2021

And another month down… anyone else feel like this year is flying by? Here’s some light reading to keep you entertained over the weekend – let us know if you’d like the full list of headlines sent to your inbox at



Ladder for the Black Country helping to fill dental vacancies – Read it here

The North-South divide in our dental health – Read it here

The oral care market: Recent shifts and future prospects – Read it here

From sunshine to toothbrushes: five mask-free ways to lower your risk of catching Covid – Read it here

GDC: Our response to the first results from the UK-REACH study and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy – Read it here

Why ‘cat-eye’ thread lifts are so popular right now, and how to decide if it’s right for you – Read it here

Non-surgical nose job: the 15 minute alternative to going under the knife – Read it here

Renewable Energy

GE’s Haliade-X secures typhoon certification – Read it here

The risks of Britain’s green biofuel narrative – Read it here

Sturgeon’s economic nightmare after Scotland’s fiscal balance found ‘in red’ – Read it here

Coca-Cola boosts solar park to supply huge Yorkshire canning plant with 62 per cent supercharge – Read it here

Carbon Capture – The Missing Piece In The Net Zero Puzzle? – Read it here

France opens 270MW floating wind tender – Read it here

Wind turbine farms in Britain have grown in the last 10 years – is the UK the Saudi Arabia of wind power? – Read it here

The UK has positioned itself as a world leader in the fight against climate change. Now it must deliver – Read it here

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