Tackling misinformation and updating protocols

15 January 2021

Already half way through January, here are this week’s health-related headlines for your viewing pleasure. 


Tributes paid to ‘kind’ Horsham dentist – Read it here

The Relationship Between Science And Dentistry – Read it here

TikTok, dentists battle over $15 DIY prosthetic teeth hack: ‘Dental work shouldn’t be a luxury’ – Read it here

TONGUE TIED: New ‘Covid tongue’ symptom plaguing coronavirus sufferers, says leading doc – Read it here

Covid: Fake news ‘causing UK South Asians to reject jab’ – Read it here

New survey aims to gauge the impact of lockdown on dental practices – Read it here

COVID-19: Regulators’ joint statement and new GDC supplementary advice – Read it here

Update on CQC’s regulatory approach – Read it here

Exclusive: Aesthetic doctors offer to swap Botox for administering coronavirus vaccine – Read it here

Doctor warns of face-paralysing fake botox being sold on social media in Scotland – Read it here


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