Screening schools, new health links to oral health and the latest COVID news

19 February 2021

Another week down, here are the latest headlines relevant to medical and dental professionals and their patients. If you’d like the whole list sent straight to you, let us know at


School dental screening programme – Read it here

Here’s Why Gum Disease Has Been Linked to Severe COVID-19, According to a Dentist – Read it here

Nonsurgical periodontal therapy to extinguish inflammation seen in rheumatoid arthritis – Read it here

Applications for dental degrees spike amidst pandemic uncertainty – Read it here

Eamonn Holmes health: TV host on how he battled chronic toothache – ‘I’m not a well man’ – Read it here

Is Psoriasis Linked to Dental Health? – Read it here

What is the connection between dry mouth and diabetes? – Read it here

Coronavirus latest news: UK could be back to normal by May, says Prof Neil Ferguson – Read it here

BADN: Latest updates from Chief Dental Officer Wales – Read it here

GDC responds to Department of Health and Social Care White Paper Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all – Read it here

In 2021, Botox Is Finally Being Viewed As a Routine Form of Skin Care – Read it here

Are Those DIY Lip Filler Kits on TikTok Safe? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon – Read it here

How Rising Demand for Facelift is Spurring Growth of Dermal Fillers Market: Future Market Insights Report Analyzes – Read it here


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