NHS contract tracing app, UV light and TikTok

25 September 2020

Here are some of the latest headlines that might be of interest to you. Just another week in what is shaping up to be the strangest year!


FDA issues updated recommendations concerning dental amalgam – Read it here

Mouth cancer symptoms: The taste in your mouth that may signal the deadly disease – Read it here

Coronavirus: Everything you need to know about the NHS contact-tracing app – Read it here

Brexit: NHS put on no-deal planning alert, letter reveals – Read it here

Does UV Light Actually Disinfect and Kill Viruses? – Read it here

Dentists: Failure to extend flu jabs scheme risks deepening crisis on access – Read it here

BSPD: Workforce is critical to tackling the unacceptably high levels of dental decay in children and young people – Read it here

‘You’re doing irreparable damage and destruction!’ Dentists blast TikTok stars for dangerous new trend that sees them grinding down their teeth with NAIL FILES in a bid to create a symmetrical smile – Read it here

Dermal Fillers Market: Biodegradables is anticipated to be a lucrative segment – Read it here


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