New Year, Old News

6 January 2023

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from everyone at EKC! We hope you had a good break and have returned refreshed for 2023. Here are the top headlines in dentistry, healthcare and renewable energy from the first week of the year… get yourself on the list to have the full list straight directly to you by contacting us today.



Hard times require soft skills: Going back to the basics of dental care

Egyptian adventurer who pulled a 15,730 kg truck with his teeth and set a Guinness World Record

January JADA examines barriers to HPV-related discussions in dental settings

Enamel hypomineralisation: Study points to anti‑inflammatory drugs commonly used in children

Why Straight Teeth Are Important For Your Health

Vitamin D Supplements Can Help Fight Bad Breath & Prevent Gum Disease

Throat cancer symptoms you should have checked by a GP

Botox Market to See Major Growth by 2030: Allergan, Ipsen, Merz Pharmaceuticals

NIP TUCK – I’m a cosmetic surgeon – here’s how to get stealth ‘tweakments’ that no one will spot

GDC Update: January 2023


Renewable energy

Green Genius signs transaction with mBank to build Polish solar plants

Should We Start Placing More Solar Farms in Deserts?

Plans are thrown out for a solar farm set to power 18,000 homes, proposed for land next to an East Devon village

How Putin’s War and Small Islands Are Accelerating the Global Shift to Clean Energy, and What to Watch for in 2023

MPs recommend ‘national mobilisation’ to reach net zero

How Chile is becoming a leader in renewable energy

UK facing legal action over ‘bizarre’ tax to stop ‘smash and grab raid’ on green energy

Wind generated a record amount of electricity in 2022

Germany Generated a Historical Amount of Electricity From Wind Energy This Week

Norway’s Answer to Wind Power Intermittency Lies Offshore – Study

Vestas veteran plans 1.5GW wind-to-floating ammonia in Greenland

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