New guidance and Queen’s Birthday list

15 October 2020

Here are some of the top headlines from national and professional news outlets this week:


Fallow time calculator launched after AGP review – Read it here

NHS dental services in Scotland to restart after coronavirus halt – Read it here

What other countries REALLY think of Brits: Research reveals Americans think we have bad teeth, Australians wonder why we’re so ugly and the Spanish believe we’re always cold – Read it here

The benefit and objective of pediatric dentistry – Read it here

NHS staff in northern England ‘exhausted’ amid second wave fears – Read it here

Guidance on safe use of x-ray equipment – Read it here

Free PPE for NHS providers – Read it here

Four people in dentistry honoured in the Queen’s Birthday list – Read it here

Brit who died in Turkey ‘was not poisoned by teeth whitening’ as friends who survived trip pay tribute – Read it here

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