New COVID-19 industry updates and the profession moving on

31 July 2020

Here’s the latest news headlines from the week that may be of interest to you. For these and more sent straight to you, email


Beware the many faces of illegal dentistry – Read it here

Dentists back in business but struggling to survive as coronavirus reduces capacity – Read it more

Working in the age of COVID-19: Think like a virus – Read it here

More than nine in 10 dentists say lockdown worsened UK’s oral health – Read it here

Bupa expands dental benefits to cover cost of PPE – Read it here

Dental company Your Smile Direct promoted by Vogue Williams which promises perfect teeth goes bust – leaving angry online customers owed thousands of pounds – Read it here

Tooth Tech Could Help Dentists Diagnose Problems More Quickly – Read it here

Tips from a dentist to combat ‘mask mouth’ – Read it here

Sarah Murray MBE – Celebrating 30 Years as a Dental Therapist – Read it here

Amy Hart thanks celebrity dentist for her new teeth – Read it here

Quarter of UK women say coronavirus lockdown has aged them – Read it here

Botox Injections May Reduce Depression – Read it here

10 most popular cosmetic procedures for men: From Botox to liposuction – Read it here

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