More change is yet needed

20 November 2020

Here are some of this week’s national  and professional headlines that may be of interest to those working int he health sector. 


North Wales’ first dental training unit to be established – Read it here

Huge Shortage Of Public Dentists In The Midland – Read it here

Why dentists are looking to retail and hospitality for the design of their surgeries – Read it here

New data reveals most people do not know mouth cancer symptoms – Read it here

NHS prepares dozens of Covid mass vaccination centres around England – Read it here

Dentists: Government holds the key to restore services to millions – Read it here

How you can do a 45 second mouth cancer check as part of Blue Wednesday – Read it here

Cya Botox: studies show oxygen-based therapy can reverse biological ageing – Read it here

Botox Through The Decades: Look Your Best At Every Age – Read it here

How one clinic owner made £35,000 by introducing new treatments after lockdown – Read it here

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