Money, vaccines and blue hydrogen

20 August 2021

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Drop in dentists’ incomes ‘could jeopardise’ NHS care – Read it here

Worrisome level of vaccine hesitancy found among dental students – Read it here

The right chemistry: getting to the root of gutta percha – Read it here

As face masks come off, teeth whitening products are in demand – Read it here

Don’t wait until you get wrinkles – Read it here


Renewable Energy

Renewables sector joins call for action on HGV driver shortage – Read it here

Oil firms made ‘false claims’ on blue hydrogen costs, says ex-lobby boss – Read it here

World’s first fossil-free steel produced in Sweden and delivered to Volvo – Read it here

Offshore energy: all of Europe should benefit from offshore generation capacity – Read it here

Construction of ‘UK’s tallest onshore wind turbines’ underway in Lanarkshire – Read it here

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