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Challenges still to overcome

11th December 2020

Here’s some of the latest health-related headlines from the last week for your viewing pleasure…  …

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Hope on the horizon

3rd December 2020

Here’s some of this week’s headlines that might be of interest to anyone working in the…

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A difficult landscape for dentistry

27th November 2020

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More change is yet needed

20th November 2020

Here are some of this week’s national  and professional headlines that may be of interest to…

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Diabetes and oral health, and so much more

14th November 2020

Check out the latest headlines that may be of interest to those working within the healthcare…

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Patient choice remains crucial

6th November 2020

As we get into lockdown 2.0 in England, here’s a round up of this week’s headlines…

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Some good news, some not

23rd October 2020

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New guidance and Queen’s Birthday list

15th October 2020

Here are some of the top headlines from national and professional news outlets this week:  …

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The risk of dental treatment abroad or an unlucky accident?

9th October 2020

Here are this week’s headlines. As always, let us know at [email protected] if you’d like the…

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COVID-19, oral cancer and recognising the contribution of all dental professional

2nd October 2020

COVID-19 dominates the headlines once again this week, with various related health concerns coming to the…

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