Isolation rule confusion and million dollar smiles

3 September 2021

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Dentists caution patients against skipping check-ups amid COVID-19 pandemic – Read it here

Patients turned away after GPs and dentists ordered to remain in lockdown despite isolation rules being eased – Read it here

4 technologies transforming the field of dentistry – Read it here

Two celebrity dentists reveal the best tooth treatments for a million-dollar smile – Read it here

Martine McCutcheon films first Botox treatment at 45 in brutally honest video – Read it here

Meet the women who can’t face the new term without “back-to-school’ Botox – Read it here


Renewable Energy

Cornwall water shortage caused by renewable energy contractor damaging pipes near Truro – Read it here

Carbon from UK’s blue hydrogen bid still to equal 1 million petrol cars – Read it here

Offshore wind power generator needs ‘warning signs so birds stay away’ says commenter – Read it here

How tall is the UK’s onshore wind future? – Read it here

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