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2 September 2022

Here are the latest news headlines from the week relating to dentistry, healthcare and renewable energy – get yourself on the VIP list to get all the news sent directly to you by emailing us today.


Dental/healthcare news

Researchers use dental scanner to study coral growth

Dental Sleep Medicine market size to bolster over 2022-2028

Dental biological rhythm linked to adolescent weight gain in new study

UK: outbound dental travel grows

Dentistry ‘disaster’ as GB News research shows 75% of hospitals seeing increase in mouth-related problems

HKU Dentistry study presents “positive stress” to boost tooth tissue regeneration

John Farnham’s family says singer is ‘awake and responding well’ after cancer surgery

Scotland: Working for PDS dentists

Sharon Stone Says A Younger Man Dumped Her For Not Getting Botox

Can face taping replace Botox? The experts weigh in.

The Truth About Botox for TMJ Disorders, According to an Orofacial Pain Specialist

Pillow cheeks and duck lips: Tell-tale signs of too much dermal filler


Renewable energy news

Spain’s energy-intensive industry postpones private renewables auction – report

Column: Australia’s timing problem with moving from coal to renewables

How the UK transport sector can reap the benefits of hydrogen fuel

Hawaii to close its only coal power plant in a step toward renewable energy

China plans to double renewable energy generation by building more wind turbines, solar panels by 2025

UK Duo Demonstrates Offshore Wind Tech Solutions

Energinet starts feasibility studies for 6 GW of offshore wind plus new Hesselo site

SSE’s New Offshore Wind Farm Could Pour Billions into Scottish Economy

UK companies demonstrate new tech to aid offshore wind maintenance

Three Projects to Safeguard Marine Life Alongside Offshore Wind


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