How does snoring lead to tooth loss?

3 May 2024

In the news this week… Dentist explains how snoring can lead to tooth loo and other serious health problems, and turning farm waste into renewable energy. For all the latest headlines sent straight to your inbox, join our mailing list by emailing us today!



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Dentist explains how snoring can lead to tooth loss and other serious health problems

People are only just realising why their mouth burns when using mouthwash – and it’s not good

GDC publishes its Costed Corporate Plan for 2024

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Renewable energy

SSE Renewables acquires Northern Irish BESS project

Turning farm waste into renewable energy – The ALFA Story

GB Energy: What role will Labour’s state-owned energy company really play?

UK-Morocco Renewable Energy Link Plan Gets $10.2 Million Boost

Winds of change: UK offshore wind sector breaks records

Finding space for wind farms might be easier than we thought

Six projects named to start feasibility studies for Australia’s first offshore wind farms

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