High speed train to be powered entirely by renewable energy

14 July 2023

A look at the headlines from this weeks dental, healthcare, and renewable energy news. For the news delivered straight to your inbox, send us an email and join our mailing list.



Jeremy Hunt to unveil pension fund reform plan to help UK startups

UW-developed dental lozenge could provide permanent treatment for tooth sensitivity 

NHS dentistry report ‘will be uncomfortable reading for some’, MP warns

AI game-changer makes leaps toward future by detecting dental diseases earlier than ever: ‘Cutting edge’

Dairy vs. plant-based foods and the relationship to oral health

Global Vegan Cosmetics Market Outlook Report 2023-2028: Increasing Consumer Awareness, Particularly from Gen Z Boosts Market Prospects – ResearchAndMarkets.com

Cosmetic surgeon who streamed procedures on TikTok loses medical license

Looksmaxxing: The dangers of face hammering and height surgery for love

Madonna urged to realise ‘surgery won’t stop ageing’ and told to ‘take a break’

Renewable energy – view our sector page here

This high speed train could be the first to be powered entirely by renewable energy

Fifty-five companies achieve ‘gold standard’ on journey to maximising success in the offshore renewables market

UAE and Spain discuss boosting renewable energy capacity

Shell Explores Selling Stake in Renewable Power Unit

Huge mineral discovery in Norway could supply battery and solar panels for the next 50 years

BP, TotalEnergies win German auctions with EUR 12.6 billion in bids for offshore wind farms of 7 GW

Astonishing moment truck carrying 70m wind turbine topples over from the weight – as it’s revealed bridges may have to be razed to transport machinery to the Outback

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