Here to stay?

10 July 2021

Here are some of the national headlines you may have missed over the last week. To get all the links to stories relating to healthcare, dentistry or renewable energy, get yourself on the list by emailing


Which dental protocols added during the pandemic will continue in the future? – Read it here

The COVID dental graduates – what will we bring to profession? – Read it here

The future of dental technology and innovation – Read it here

Periodontal disease NOT linked to breast cancer risk, study says – Read it here

Daniella Westbrook shows new off new look after getting lip fillers and Botox ahead of surgery – Read it here

£1bn plan to build the UKs largest logistics site – Read it here

Global wind and solar power capacity grew at a record rate in 2020 – Read it here

Is a new oil field climate change hypocrisy? – Read it here

Maine governor permanently bans offshore wind projects in state waters – Read it here

We must help people cope with offshore wind, or face a backlash – Read it here

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