Government refuses AONB solar farm

5 April 2024

In the news this week… Dental decay is the top reason for the hospitalisation of children in Cornwall and the Government refuses AONB solar farm. For all the latest headlines sent straight to your inbox, join our mailing list by emailing us today!



Dental decay is top reason for hospitalisation of children in Cornwall

Jurassic shuotheriids show earliest dental diversification of mammaliaforms

Vulnerable Britons may be dying due to watchdog not approving dental antibiotics

Council tax, broadband, and dental charges: how to weather the April price rises

Dentists: Minister announces £9.2m in additional funding

New Study Shows Oral Bacteria May Accelerate Pancreatic Cancer Development

MDs: Menopause Wreaks Havoc on Your Oral Health — 5 Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy

University of Birmingham scientists using novel hydrogel to create ‘lollipops’ for mouth cancer diagnostic

Scottish NHS pays £1.2m a year for just two locum consultants

ADI – celebrating excellence: Professor Nikolaos Donos receives IADR distinguished scientist award

Why even alpha males are embracing the teeth whitening beauty trend

What is Microtox? The beauty treatment women are choosing over Botox

Nicole Kidman Opened Up About The Cosmetic Procedure She Regrets

Renewable energy

Government refuses AONB solar farm that inspector had said was justified by national renewable energy need

Wisconsin is making progress closing coal plants. What’s next for those sites?

Scientists make crucial breakthrough that could revolutionize solar energy: ‘[This] might open up new avenues’

Turning Rocks Into Renewable Energy With Hydrogen Breakthrough

The UK’s new £9.1bn wind farm that’s world’s largest and will power 6 million homes

Floating Wind Farm Set to Power O&G Platforms Gets Onshore Planning Approval

Mooreast to Anchor Floating Offshore Wind Farm in Southern France

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