Gold grills and a world first

1 August 2021

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Canberra dental practice fined $266,400 for alleged unlawful supply of dental implants and bone grafts – Read it here

Advent of digital dentistry shaping dental infection control products market growth – Read it here

Chris Brown’s new magnetic gold grills: price, dentist, photos and more – Read it here

Proof that A-listers all have the same nose! – Read it here

Everything you need to know about composite bonding vs veneers – Read it here


Renewable energy

World’s most powerful tidal turbine, the O2, starts exporting clean power – Read it here

Queen’s Balmoral Estate the only building exempt from using renewable energy after secret lobbying – Read it here

UK already undergoing disruptive climate change – Read it here

BlueWise Marine and Farra Marine team up for wind crew transfer vessels – Read it here

Why ‘floating wind’ is the key to the energy transition and how to get it onto the sea quickly – Read it here

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