Even the Tooth Fairy is affected by the cost-of-living-crisis!

3 February 2023

We’re all feeling the pinch right now, but apparently this has even extended to fictional characters like the Tooth Fairy! In other news, archeologists have discovered bizarre dental work from the past and on the renewable energy side, Shell comes under fire for potentially misleading investors…

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Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the pinch!

The Potential Side Effects of Dental Veneers

Archaeologists uncover French aristocrat’s bizarre gold dental work after 400 years

Dental disaster: common children’s medicine linked to enamel defects

‘Erythoplakia’ in the mouth could signal a high cancer risk – signs to spot while flossing

GDC publishes policy position statement on dual registration requirements for oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMFS) and other regulated healthcare professionals

Irish beautician fined €10,000 for performing Botox-like treatments on clients

What You Should Know About Combining Dermal Fillers With Neurotoxins

Renewable Energy

Activist group accuses Shell of misleading investors on renewables

Hydrogen as a backup for renewables remains a distant proposition

EU unveils massive package to ‘level playing field’ with US in green subsidies spat

Cutting the red tape for cleaner energy: The pros and cons of permitting reform

North Wales renewable energy firm’s pilot insulation project

Mayflower renamed SouthCoast Wind Energy

Germany launches offshore wind tenders

UK to assist Azerbaijan faucet enormous offshore wind potential

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