Diabetes and oral health, and so much more

14 November 2020

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World Diabetes Day: Here’s The Link Between Diabetes And Dental Health; Expert Shares Tips To Fight These – Read it here

Dentist JAILED for treating 41 patients when she was meant to be in coronavirus quarantine isolation in Perth – Read it here

Patients urged not to miss dental appointments amid concerns over mouth cancer going undetected – Read it here

Under Pressure: Uncertain Times Take Their Toll on Teeth and Jaws – Read it here

Bradford dentist Linzi Maybin Happy Teeth award nomination – Read it here

The Latest on Recreational Marijuana – Read it here

Here is why prenatal dental care is important for the mother and the baby – Read it here

What You Really Need To Know About COVID-19 & Mouthwash – Read it here

Plan to move NHS services into empty shops announced – Read it here

A Final ‘From the President’ Message from Julie Deverick – Read it here

Joint letter from Chief Dental Officers regarding second wave of COVID-19 – Read it here

‘I’m a man who’s had Botox and fillers. And everyone has an opinion.’ – Read it here

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