Dental tourism and lowering energy costs

8 July 2022

As July continues and a heat wave plans to bathe the UK in lots of sun, it feels like summer is finally here. Dental headlines ask what’s going to happen next for the industry in wake of the current political upheaval, while also warning against the dangers of dental tourism following a rise in “Turkey teeth” needing re-treatment in practices across the nation. On the renewable energy side, estimates suggest energy bills could fall due to greener energy sources and that fossil fuels are well and truly on their way out. To keep up to date with all the news, you can add your name to our mailing list by emailing us today.


‘Turkey teeth’ warning after UK dental clinic is ‘inundated’ with botched veneers

DENTIST’S LAIR I discovered abandoned dentist’s mansion and what I found there was truly terrifying – it was like a horror movie

Kellogg’s loses UK court challenge on high-sugar cereal promotion ban

NHS staff criticise ‘incomprehensible’ scrapping of special Covid leave

Steve Barclay: What will new health secretary tackle first?

Nerve-cancer distance may be key to oral cancer outcomes

Our annual update on the safe management and use of controlled drugs

Henry Schein Completes Acquisition of Condor Dental

Prince Harry’s Californian makeover revealed – see transformation photos

Global Dental Implant Surgery Tools Market Report 2022 leading key players Osstem Implant, Megagen Implant, JDentalCare, Biogenesis

Russia’s plastic surgery sector feels pinch from western sanctions

Renewable Energy

UK energy bills to drop next year thanks to record-breaking investment in renewables

Industry toasts record renewables auction as UK scrambles to boost domestic energy supplies

UK unveils biggest round of clean energy subsidies

Biggest renewables auction accelerates move away from fossil fuels

“Without electricity market reform, UK’s plan for green grid by 2035 is at risk”

Are batteries made from sand the future of green energy?

Why energy bills are increasing?

Energy crisis breakthrough: Shell offers lifeline with ‘largest green hydrogen plant’

New research sheds light on decarbonisation of social housing

UK Maps Out £54 Billion of Wiring to Connect Offshore Wind

UK added one-fifth of global offshore wind capacity in 2021

Wales won’t receive £43bn windfall from offshore windfarms, says Plaid Cymru


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