Could we eliminate HPV cancers by working together?

12 December 2019

Here are some of the latest national headlines relating to health and dentistry that you might be interested in… Email if you’re like the full list sent directly to you.


UK action triggers European-wide coalition to eliminate HPV cancers – read it here

Dentist ‘put through hell’ over false £53,000 misclaiming allegation – read it here

Why can’t this doctor work in the UK? – read it here

Hancock urged to halt NHS tenders – read it here

Mayfair dentist travels 2,700 miles to treat 60-stone Russian walrus… for toothache – read it here

GDC publishes results of in-depth public survey – read it here 

A Smile Restored, and a Life Reclaimed – read it here

Medical News Today: Periodontitis May Be An Early Sign Of Type 2 Diabetes – read it here 

Kris Jenner slammed by fans after giving her family Botox gift cards for Christmas – read it here

Salma Hayek tried to experiment with Botox and lip injections for her role in Like a Boss with Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne … but backed out at the ‘first needle’ – read it here

Ant and Dec: I’m a Celeb hosts cosmetic dentistry – expert says pair have veneers – read it here

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