Concerning news for the nation’s oral health, but a bright future ahead for renewable energy

26 August 2022

This week, the news presents some concerning stories about fewer people in the UK accessing dental care and the reasons why so many are putting off appointments. However, things are looking positive on the renewable energy side of things, with lots of new UK projects now in motion as well as interesting insights into how to support gender equality in the offshore wind industry.


Court permits JD(S) MLA, facing CBI case, to visit England for dental treatment

Fall in love with dentures and watch your practice flourish

British teeth getting worse as 2m fewer people go to NHS dentists

Synthetic Medical Imaging: How Deepfakes Could Improve Healthcare

Survey: Why Are People Delaying Dental Care?

Dentist explains why smoking elf bars is not the same as smoking flavoured air

Portman Dental Care and Dentex announce merger

Why John Farnham had a 35 times higher risk of developing head and neck cancer as doctors issue an urgent warning to Aussies who have similar lifestyle habits

Woman, 27, With ‘Mouth Ulcers’ Has Part of Her Tongue Removed, Replaced With Tissue From Her Leg: ‘Now My Tongue Looks Like A Lollipop!’

On TikTok, everyone wants perfect teeth. This dentist is fighting against that.

Rubbing Oranges on Your Teeth, and Other Harmful Whitening ‘Hacks’

A Very Honest Beginner’s Guide to ‘Preventative Botox’

Renewable energy

Is net zero really to blame for soaring energy bills in Great Britain?

How this venture capitalist is challenging tradition to solve the diversity problem in the renewable energy industry

Octopus Energy takes £35m stake in renewable energy tech firm

Italian elections: energy and climate promises galore

Massive renewable energy battery approved for Norfolk hamlet

Yorkshire Water enlists asset manager Downing to develop £25 million solar portfolio

Why forest biomass must not be counted as ‘renewable’ energy

A fair wind: Scotland’s offshore wind boom points to a brighter future

Mainstream, Ocean Winds win ScotWind floating wind development

Precision ground mapping for safer offshore wind farm development

NCS teenagers impress offshore wind judges with creative entries to foster gender balance

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