Bizarre trends in dentistry, COP27 and potential new energy sources

11 November 2022

In the world of dentistry a new TikTok trend has emerged that could actually be GOOD for oral health, while on the renewable energy front we learn more about COP27 and find out how experts are now considering alternative sources of renewable fuel, including…sewage?

Here are this week’s headlines:


Withdrawal of NHS dental services in Dumfries and Galloway will affect 10,000 adult patients

Bizarre new trend sees thousands taping their mouth shut at night to prevent tooth decay and a poor sleep – and dentists are on board

Late-stage diagnosis for head and neck cancers in NI increases – as Covid caused early dental referrals to plummet

Dentists’ water lines linked to rare bacterial infections, CDC warns

Effects of cancer treatment on periodontal condition and oral health

The Threat to Oral Health by DiabetesThree signs of menopause you should watch for in your mouth

Three signs of menopause you should watch for in your mouth

Peak Benefits of visiting a Cosmetic Dentist

Botox in a Bottle? These Skin Care Products Deliver

The New ‘Revolutionary’ Rejuvenation Procedure That Can Transform Your Face

Want To Avoid Alzheimer’s? Protect Your Teeth, Says A Neurologist 

Renewable energy

COP27 | Seven key reads from the Sharm el-Sheikh summit so far

Lack of Westminster funding for electric grid holding Wales back, Prime Minister warned

Greece set for a record year with 2 GW of new renewables

Rolls-Royce deploying biggest BESS in the Netherlands for spring 2023 commissioning

Sewage: The Next Renewable Energy Breakthrough?

UK: Equinor, ORE Catapult Team Up to Tackle Challenges Facing Offshore Renewables

Norway’s Equinor Eyes Celtic Sea for ‘Gigawatt-Scale’ Floating Wind Farms



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