Artificial sweetener is to be declared ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’

30 June 2023

This week… artificial sweetener is to be declared ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’, and the world’s biggest wind turbine is to be installed off China. 

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Is this the beginning of the end for low-calorie food and drink? Artificial sugar replacement aspartame, found in thousands of ‘diet’ replacements – like Diet Coke, Extra chewing gum and even toothpaste – to be declared ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’

Natural molecule could be added to toothpastes and mouthwashes to improve dental hygiene

AI identifies biological sex using dental X-rays

Dentists doubt GDC capacity to regulate, suggests poll

Schoolgirl rushed to hospital after mass discovered during routine trip to dentist

Is there a link between asthma and oral health problems?

BDA: Dentists call on government to extend free school meals to every child

BSP: Congratulations to Professor Wendy Turner!

Porcelain Veneers Could Be The Key To Overcoming Fluorosis Staining

I got a Botox ‘lip flip’ for my gummy smile, here’s how it went

Renewable energy

World’s biggest wind turbine to be installed off China

Morocco ranks among the world leaders in green hydrogen production

China to “shatter” renewable installation targets by 2030 

Kent to provide Morgan and Mona FEED

Sweden abandons 100% renewable energy goal

UK and Ukraine to strengthen renewable energy cooperation in joint recovery efforts 

Arctic Energy Partners joins Barents Sea floating offshore wind initiative

EU offshore wind industry braces for tower shortages

World’s First Offshore Hydrogen Production Project Yields First Kilograms of Green Hydrogen

BOEM starts reviewing 2.4GW offshore wind project

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