Antibiotic prescribing, floating surgeries and green dentistry

19 December 2019

Here is the final round-up of relevant news for 2019. If you’d like all national headlines related to dentistry and healthcare emailed directly to you in the New Year, let us know at

Dentists urged to support UK’s antibiotic prescribing survey – read it here

Provider of illegal tooth whitening prosecuted by GDC – read it here

Interactive exhibition on oral health brings awareness to links between art and dentistry – read it here

Recall of Emerade autoinjector – read it here

Yorkshire dental nurse mercy mission to floating surgery – read it here

Tooth Screening May Predict Mental Health – read it here

Is Green Dentistry Possible? – read it here

Lip filler was ‘like having golf ball injected’ – read it here

Botox and Emotional Expressivity – read it here

“Microdosing” Is The New Botox Trend Spiking In New York & L.A. – read it here

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