Another week, another crisis

21 January 2022

The situation in UK dentistry isn’t looking good, but there is a silver lining with positive development continuing in the renewable energy sector.  For the latest updated sent straight to your inbox, get yourself on the EKC VIP list by contacting us today!



The Apprentice – contestants tasked with designing children’s toothbrush

‘Crisis’ declared as 72 dentists in city and county stop NHS work, new report shows

Fatty liver disease: How the condition can be found in your mouth – what to spot

Health department warning over vaccine mandate for NHS staff in England

BDA: NHS dentistry: How to stop an exodus

The oncoming crisis in dental entrepreneurship

In Case You Needed One More Reason To Love Cheese, Dentists Say It’s Great for Your Teeth

Over 10,000 dental implants placed using Yomi robotic system

Teacher who lost half his tongue in cancer fight gets new one with tissue from left arm

Rylan Clark shows off results of smile makeover as he beams during dental clinic visit

Royal Family are ‘au natural’ – ‘not big on the Botox & fillers’ but prefer ‘rejuvenation’


Renewable Energy

Solar energy project to identify possible renewable energy sites

UK energy industry urges ministers to stick with net zero plan

Good Energy offloads 47.5-MW generation portfolio to Bluefield Solar

Wales explores green hydrogen potential

BP to explore green hydrogen supply to Spanish tile manufacturers

Cheers ‘Windy Pete’! Retired engineer, 69, becomes the first person in England to supply local households with cheaper green energy from his OWN wind turbine, as dozens of rural residents join his waiting list for power

Another Gigawatt-Scale Wind Project Emerges Offshore Philippines

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