Almost half of patients registered with an NHS dentist haven’t visited for two years

12 June 2023

In this week’s news… almost half of patients registered with an NHS dentist haven’t visited for two years, and is hydrogen the future of green energy?

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Almost half of NHS dentist patients have not visited for two years

Does the rise in demand for midweek salon and dental appointments mean remote workers are shirking their responsibilities?

From Billing to Marketing: How Dental Software Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line

Urgent warning over FAKE oxygen supplied to dentists as health chiefs launch criminal probe

LightOx gets £1.1m from Innovate UK to help beat oral cancer

BSP: Latest updates from the GDC

BADN: Renewing your registration: Why does CPD matter & what do you need to do?

Love Island is to blame for dangerous ‘Turkey teeth’ according to a Leeds dentist

What is ‘traptox’? Everything you need to know about the new botox trend

Savannah Chrisley’s botox and lip filler results in ‘gorgeous’ before and after pics

Renewable energy

Is Hydrogen the Future of Green Energy?

Key findings of IEA’s Renewable Energy Market Update – Outlook for 2023 and 2024

GEK Terna signs solar power PPAs with PPC, RWE in Greece

Study finds ‘lag’ in data maturity within renewable energy sector

Sir Keir Starmer to woo union support for green energy plans following criticism over North Sea Oil

Signed! | Oil giant TotalEnergies agrees power deal for gigascale Kazakhstan wind farm

Denmark Kills Off Open Door Offshore Wind Scheme, 24 Projects Cancelled

Stackable Floating Wind Platform Gets DNV Approval

Scientists produce green hydrogen directly from seawater at offshore wind farm

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