AI in dentistry, the wonders of botox and growing renewable energy sources

5th November 2021

Another week down, here are the most recent headlines relevant to the dental, healthcare and renewable energy sectors. Contact us to get yourself on the VIP list and have all the links sent straight o your inbox for your social media, newsletters and general viewing pleasure!



Humza Yousaf risks killing NHS dentistry in Scotland’, claims BDA chief

AI in Dentistry: A Win-Win for Patients and Providers

Impact of Cannabis Use on Least Pain Scores Among African American and White Patients with Cancer Pain: A Moderation Analysis

BDA: England: MPs challenge the use of dental X-rays in immigration cases

BSP Conference 2022 – Save the Date

CQC reports on safe use of radiation in healthcare settings

4 Common Misconceptions on Dental Veneers

Impressive before and after photos show how these handcrafted whitening trays turn stained teeth into bright white smiles – and they’re particularly good for sensitive teeth

Medics sign off Botox to patients they never see


Renewable Energy

Heating your home with renewable energy

Wood and Hygen Energy to accelerate green hydrogen production in the UK

COP26 Live: US-UK Strategic Energy Dialogue launches

‘We invest ethically, but won’t touch renewable stocks’

UK hydrogen demand predicted to grow to 10 TWh in 2030 says Cornwall Insight

COP26: What are the most innovative industries in the UK?

UK offshore wind workforce ‘to more than double’

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