A trip to the dentist – the new highlight of 2021?

19 March 2021

This week’s headlines for your viewing pleasure… it seems a new silver lining could be coming from the boredom we are all facing? For all the latest news related to healthcare and dentistry sent straight to you, join our list by emailing admin@ekcommunications.net.


People Are So Bored, They Look Forward to Going to the Dentist – Read it here

The ancient practice a top dentist swears by: The simple trick to add to your routine daily for better oral health – Read it here

‘Battered and tired’ dentist begs patients to be polite and kind after missed appointments abuse – Read it here

Studies Find Olive Oil Improves Oral Health and Prevents Periodontitis – Read it here

Palatal Expanders – Orthodontics Is More Than Just Aligning Teeth – Read it here

BADN 2020 Salary Survey Report – Read it here

Whitening your teeth with lemon juice could cause serious damage, dentist warns – Read it here

Specialists Are Seeing A Botox Led Zoom Boom – Read it here

Chin Augmentation: Implants vs Injectables – Read it here

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