A difficult landscape for dentistry

27 November 2020

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Department for Economy turns down appeal for support for struggling dentists – the only NHS workers surviving on their savings during the pandemic – Read it here

‘I’m always in pain’: Dental service issues ‘worsened’ by pandemic says health watchdog – Read it here

Fact check: Experts caution mouthwash’s effect on COVID-19 needs more study – Read it here

As study shows they suffer more broken bones… are vegans REALLY any healthier than their carnivore counterparts? – Read it here

Top 10 Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking – Read it here

80% say Britain has a drink problem – Read it here

NHS Charges: Set the record straight – Read it here

JAW DROP – Trend of shaving teeth down to PEGS to get ‘perfect smile’ with veneers may leave you needing dentures, dentists say – Read it here

How Our Facial Features Change As We Age – Read it here

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